Clothing for Men and Women

Climatic conditions also have a great impact on any region. For instance, a region with colder climate will have more demand for full sleeve t shirts. It is very much understood that specialised sports will affect the type of sales your sportswear/active wear needs to generate.

Price should be Reasonable

If the quality of your clothing line is uncompromised and maintained well, your pricing should also be at the same time reasonable and at par with the market. Products such as tshirts for men or printed leggings have a very high competition in the market. If you sell your products above the average price of other reputed players in the market, then it could prove to be a big obstacle to the popularity of your brand as it will cater to a specific class of the society and not to the general public.

Provide Outstanding Service

There cannot be anything bigger for a business than giving top priority to customer service for their customers. You should be able to make your customers and prospects feel special and that you care for them while appreciating their loyalty.

Give them special offers, seasonal discounts, customer recognition days, or sometimes hold contests which encourage them to go for your brand and to make it a priority. The price and quality should be such that exceptional customer service serves as an icing on the cake for them, while turning them into long term loyalists of your brand